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EXARC supports its membership by organising small-scale collaborations and international partnerships, often with the help of significant European Union grants. Our projects raise the profile of the participants and allow other members to benefit from their experience.

From its beginning in 2001, EXARC prove to be an international network in Europe. The informal contacts between colleagues has led to several kinds of cooperation. The ease with which EXARC can provide with likeminded and likewise organised partners across Europe has been put to use in several Culture projects (Delphi and liveARCH). The latest large scale project (OpenArch) started in 2011. EXARC also has been successful in linking a dozen of its members into the Life Long Learning Programme, under Grundtvig.

Since 2004, EXARC has an own consultant, with archaeological background, Geir Sør-Reime from the Rogaland County Council in Norway. He helped many EU projects on its way (both within and outside EXARC), all of them with a cultural theme as point of view. Roeland Paardekooper from EXARC has done much of the coordination and writing work when applying for EU funding, he is the first to contact with questions regarding EU and EXARC.

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AOAM: Film liveARCH about use of AOAMs
AOAM: Book: Guide of European AOAM, printed in 3 languages, 2009. See Sample PDF

Extra Impact: Book: The Value of an Archaeological Open-Air Museum is in its Use


AOAM: An online glossary in 10 languages
See also Vocabulary (EXCEL)

Interpretation: Booklet Didarchtik with handy tips and resports from workshops

Interpretation: Marketplace available from 2011-2013


Several online manuals available on


Experimental Archaeology: Bibliography available on (not maintained since early 2016)
Since 2016 on tDAR:

Experimental Archaeology: Book: "The life cycle of structures in experimental archaeology: an object biography approach". See for more:

Experimental Archaeology: Openarch Manual on Experimental Archaeology (in print)

Experimental Archaeology: Film: Iberians: the Secret of Iron

Crafts: Five short films about processing reindeer carcasses

Crafts: Film: Smiths in Bronze Age Europe

Crafts: Book: "Archaeology and Crafts - Experiences and Experiments on traditional skills and handicrafts in Archaeological Open-Air Museum ins Europe"

Crafts: Guideline Manual – A Handbook about Experiences and Results from the Workpackage 4 The Dialogue with Skills

Interpretation: Openarch Manual: Guidebook for Live Interpretation in AOAM

AOAM: online worldwide listing of archaeological open-air museums (not maintained since early 2016) Since 2016 on:

AOAM: OpenArch Manual: PR Book "Communication Strategy"
Since 2015 available on line:   

AOAM: Film: Interaction with Visitors in Archaeological Open-Air Museums

AOAM: OpenArch Manual: AOAMs and the dialogue with the museum community

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