The most frequently asked visitor questions

Under coordination of the Pfahlbaumuseum and financed by the EU Culture 2000 programme “Delphi, house of questions” took place in the years 2004 - 2005. For this purpose, a website on the most frequently asked visitor questions was active (Schöbel 2006). In the first year, in three museums (Pfahlbaumuseum, Araisi and Archeon, the Netherlands), questions were collected from the visitors and with others presented on a website, together with specialist answers. Within two years, the website was expanded into 13 languages and contained 280 questions and answers. The top ten questions received 92% of the total 220,000 hits between 2005 and 2009. When analysing what questions were viewed most [See Table 1] an almost equal number of questions are about construction of the dwellings and about the daily life of the people. The table itself is a nice comparison to the twenty most common questions about prehistory (Stone 1994) [See Table 2]. In both case there are hardly any questions asked about wars, politics, specific artefacts or utensils.

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