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Out now: the 3rd EXARC Journal for 2013

Every week or two you can find a nice appetizer online but the truly good articles (peer reviewed) are for members only. We now published the third online EXARC Journal of 2013: It contains 19 articles divided over four sections, 12 articles are open access (Mixed Matters), others are for EXARC Members only...

EXARC back to its roots

In November, the EXARC Board went back to its roots. We had a meeting in Oerlinghausen where we also met in 2001, at the very early stages of EXARC ( Two of EXARCs founders, present Chair Martin Schmidt and present Director Roeland Paardekooper were also present back then.

Authors wanted, History of Experimental Archaeology

Following on our conference, April 2013 in Lejre, on the history of experimental archaeology, we are now preparing the proceedings. Where we have contributions about the history of experimental archaeology in for example the UK, Germany, Estonia, Greece and Poland, we are still looking for contributions on countries like France, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Japan and America to name just a few...

Discounted membership fees 2013

As we have less than three months left in this year, EXARC offers membership for 2013 for half price when paying for 2014 in one go. Individual members do not pay EUR 50 or EUR 30 for 2013, but EUR 25 or EUR 15. Institutional pay EUR 20 to EUR 50 for 2013.

From 2014 onward, we have fees based on the GDP of your country. Check out about our fees and how to turn member at

OpenArch worked with stones

Thanks to a wonderful organisation, almost 90 participants met for a five days filled with workshops, breakout sessions and lectures about "Working with stones in European Pre- and Protohistory in theory and in practice" at the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (DE)

EXARC Facebook groups reach milestone

EXARC is very active on Facebook, both for our members as well as for others professionally interested. We for example manage or co-manage two active groups, one on experimental archaeology, the other one archaeological open-air museums (AOAM)...

Cooperation along the Roman Limes

EXARC took part in the 1st Danube Limes Brand Strategy Conference, in Bratislava. The almost 100 participants joined for a three day program which took them from Slovakia via Austria to Hungary and back again, focusing on the Roman Limes along the Danube and the chances to turn this into a tourist brand.

EXARC Meeting in Hungary - a place to be

In the first week of September EXARC, together with Csiki Pihenökert, hosted a conference in Hungary. With participants from seven countries we worked on live interpretation, living history and education in archaeological open-air museums and similar places...

Visually Impaired visit to Archeon

On September 1st 2013, as part of the ongoing Dialogue with the Visitor, Archeon was host to a large group of visually impaired visitors. For the occasion, a special park guide was produced in braille. However, the rest of the day was conducted as an everyday visit to Archeon, to test how accessible the park is to the visually impaired. Archeon passed with flying colors.

European Route of Megalithic Culture established

With an official ceremony in Denmark, The Council of Europe certified the organisation “Megalithic Routes” as ‘”European Route of Megalithic culture”. On 27 August, the Megalithic Routes Chair Bodo Zehn received the certificate in the presence of the Culture Minister of Denmark, Marianne Jelved...


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