News from 2014

2014, being the penultimate year of OpenArch, meant that many tangible results of this project were presented this year. This includes several films and books. 

In addition to the OpenArch meetings, a strong EXARC delegation attended the Iberian Conference on Experimental Archaeology in Burgos (ES). This event takes place every three years and all lectures are published in their proceedings. This is an important conference and the only one recurring in the South Europe of which we are aware. 

On the back of the Burgos conference, EXARC founded the experimental archaeology research cluster: a number of universities working with this subject. We started with a simple list of addresses, which grew to more than 100 entries in 2017. 

EXARC decided that the next experimental archaeology conference in the UK series was going to be hosted in ... Dublin, Ireland in 2015.