The Dialogue With Visitors - International Conference in Serbia

October 2014, a few dozen EXARC members and other colleagues met in Viminacium, Serbia. This was the 8th conference of OpenArch and the theme was "The Impact of the Dialogue with Visitors on Management in Archaeological Open-Air Museums". Staging this meeting in Serbia offered the chance for many colleagues from Serbia itself and surrounding countries like Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and further away to share their unique experiences with OpenArch partners from Sweden, the UK, Germany, Italy and the such. Participants learned about reconstructed sites in Romania, cultural heritage management in Macedonia, pop-up museums in Serbia. Equally interesting was to hear about the Danube Roman Limes or the celebrations of the 1700 year jubilee of the Milan Treaty - and how do you discuss with the public? Viminacium prove to be a perfect meeting point for this dialogue.