News from 2009

This was the final year of the liveARCH project. We started planning a new project, which would become known later as OpenArch. In Italy, the liveARCH partners presented a wonderful promotional video for archaeological open-air museums, as well as a groundbreaking Guide to European Archaeological Open-Air Museums. 

liveARCH celebrated its success and end in Germany this summer, while EXARC took its first steps on Social media with Facebook and LinkedIn. 

On October 9th, EXARC was disbanded – the Swedish organisation has been liquidated and 5 minutes later, the participants to the conference founded a new EXARC, with its legal seat in the Netherlands, with the charter in place, later registered with the notary. 

EXARC also became an affiliated organisation (AO) to ICOM this year. Building up on the FAQ asked in archaeological open-air museums from the 2004-2005 Delphi project, EXARC collected such questions from its members and published them online. This was a great success.