EXARC an affiliated organisation of ICOM

In the frame of the EU project liveARCH Hartmut Prasch (AT), member of the Executive Council of ICOM took part in a conference at Fotevikens Museum, hosted by the then chairman of EXARC, Björn Jakobsen (November 2007). This conference was the turning point for setting a definition of archaeological open-air museums. In the months to follow, members of the EXARC Board met several members of the Executive Council. This led to our application to becoming an ICOM affiliated organisation, status which was granted on 3 December 2009 for a trial period of 3 years.

From 2008 on, EXARC works on quality standards for archaeological open-air museums, possibly leading to an assessment strategy. EXARC is counsellor to both professional museums and “newbie’s”. When they have specific questions, they should find us. The advisory role is mainly concentrated at the secretariat. EXARC intends to promote the concept of archaeological open-air museums as well as introducing it to countries where this idea does not yet exist.

In our overview of archaeological open-air museums, we count about 250 in Europe, 200 in Northern America and more elsewhere, maybe even 800 worldwide. We are actively searching for those, among others by engaging our present members in the search, some of which have extensive contacts in Africa and Asia.

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