The EXARC Team consists of three people (Secretariat) who are appointed and supervised by the EXARC Board.  EXARC also has a Team of Volunteers appointed and supervised by the EXARC Secretariat. 

We have vacancies for the EXARC Team here: https://exarc.net/about-us/vacancies


EXARC Secretariat

Roeland Paardekooper

Director & EXARC Journal Executive Editor: Dr Roeland Paardekooper (NL)
Founder of EXARC with Martin Schmidt and Tomas Johansson. I manage contacts with volunteers, members, the EXARC Board and affiliate organisations. I advise interest groups on experimental archaeology or initiatives for new open-air museums. I co-author funding applications, manage the social media channels and work with the EXARC Journal. 


Magdalena Zielinska

Design & Administration: Magdalena Zielińska BA (NL)
I have been involved with EXARC from its beginnings. Starting in 2002 with making a small website to a few more websites and all graphic design products, including three corporate identities. From 2011 on, I am also responsible for designing the EXARC JOURNAL online and the EXARC JOURNAL Digest (printed version). Besides this, I work on the daily EXARC administration including invoicing, bookkeeping, budgets and the secretarial work.


Team of Volunteers and Their Projects

EXARC Journal
Editor-in-Chief J. Katerina Dvoráková
Overal Support & Design EXARC secretariat
Editors Linda Anderson, Ruth Carden, Jordana Maguire, Céline Murphy, Viv Walker, Rena Maguire, Orla-Peach Power, Stephen Fox, Via Baker, Casandra Brasoveanu, Pamela Holland, Tanusree Pandit, Marion R. Shiner, Stefanie Ulrich, Margaret Shackleton
Reviewers Claudia Speciale, Edoardo Ratti, Darrell Markewitz, Giovanna Fregni, Güner Coskunsu, Javier Baena, Merryn Dineley, Neil Peterson, Rüdiger Kelm, Vanessa Forte, Evelyn Fidler, Inge Mette Petersen, James Mathieu, Kim Biddulph, Nicholas Geering, Sabine Martin, Thit Petersen


Katerina Dvoráková

EXARC JOURNAL Editor-in-Chief: Mgr J. Katerina Dvoráková (UK)
I became involved with the original Czech REA from its second number in 2001 and was at the foundation of EuroREA, now the EXARC JOURNAL. I overview the overall preparation of both the online Journal and printed Digest. Among other tasks this includes answering questions from contributors, co-ordinating the work of our editors, keeping in contact with reviewers, sending out proofs and discussing issues with our designer. 

For more information see EXARC Journal Editorial Board


Digital Publicity (Podcast, #FinallyFriday)
Coordination Caroline Jeffra
Host Matilda Siebrecht
A/V & Textual Support YouTube Team
Technical Support Thit Birk Petersen, Ligeri Papagiannaki, Kristy George
Overall Support & Design EXARC secretariat


Caroline Jeffra

Coordinator Digital Affairs, Register of Archaeological Experiments: Caroline Jeffra MA PhD (NL)
EXARC Member
My first involvement with experimental archaeology was in 2005 when I started the MA in Experimental Archaeology at University of Exeter. I completed the MA with Distinction and continued to complete a PhD (Exeter, 2011) using experimental archaeology as a major component of my thesis. I have published a number of articles which address or make use of experimental archaeology and my current research at UvA is explicitly dependent on further experiments...


Matilda Siebrecht

Podcast & #FinallyFriday: Matilda Siebrecht cand. PhD (NL)
EXARC Member
I specialised in experimental archaeology combined with microwear analysis. My PhD project expands further on my experience with experimental archaeology and microwear analysis, however my current region of focus is the prehistoric Dorset Culture of the eastern Canadian Arctic. I also studied journalism at the London School of Journalism. My aim is to make archaeological research more approachable for non-specialists and the general public...


Coordinator Christina Kwon
Advisor Jennifer Beamer
YouTube Team Anna Parczen, Lois Barker
A/V Processing Libbe Bjerknæs, Frank Wiersema
Textual Support Josephine Bersee, Sarah Madden, Maria Serrano


Christina Kwon

Coordinator YouTube: Christina Kwon (NL)
I am the coordinator of EXARC YouTube Team, a part of the greater EXARC social media efforts. I maintain and improve EXARC YouTube channel to present excellent, engaging, and effective content for our online audience and to promote EXARC's social media presence through diverse digital media. I have an MM in Harpsichord Performance (Early Music) from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and a BA in German and a BM in Music Performance from the US.


Libbe S. Bjerknæs (DK)A/V processing: Libbe Bjerknæs (DK)
I have a BA in Prehistoric archaeology from the University of Copenhagen and education in webdesign and commerce. I help with social media strategy and can also edit photos, audio and video for online distribution across popular internet platforms.



PR and marketing / publicity incl. Social Media
Design Magdalena Zielińska
Event Calendar Josephine Bersee
LinkedIn Marina Krivonossova
Twitter Ronja Lau
Instagram Emma Case, Savannah Parent, Megan Snook, Dyah Sukmawardhani
Moderators Serena Avery, Daniel Bacon, Dave Deighton, Madalena Duff, Giovanna Fregni, Julia Heeb, Rena Maguire, Roeland Paardekooper, Ligeri Papagiannaki, Angela Pisani, Patrick Reeuwijk


Josephine Bersée (NL)Online Calendar Manager & Textual Support: Josephine Bersee (NL)
I have a masters degree in human geography and work experience in different areas and sectors. My jobs have often involved writing, editing and website maintenance a.o. for non-profit organizations, both in Dutch and English. I returned to The Netherlands in mid-2019 after having lived and worked in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong) for nearly 20 years.


Ligeri Papagiannaki

Coordinator European Archaeology Days & International Conference Organisation: Ligeri Papagiannaki MA (FR)
I hold a Master's degree in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Nice (CEPAM laboratory). I am interested in prehistoric technologies and experimental archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, tangible and intangible culture, as well as in public archaeology, museum education, open-air museums and hands-on activities. I have been working as a cultural mediator in France since 2016.


Dyah Sukmawardhani (NL)

Instagram: Dyah Sukmawardhani (NL)
I am an Indonesian Master’s student at Maastricht University. My interest in archaeology has developed as I grew up in Indonesia, a country rich with archaeological sites. Although my current education major is public health, my passion has led me to join the EXARC Team.



Strategy - Going Digital
Coordination Roeland Paardekooper
Member Johan Bekooij, Kees Huyser, Joseph Davis, Caroline Jeffra


Various projects / activities
EZARC - Young EXARC Madi Duff, Kamilla Lomborg, Thit Petersen
Citizen Science Noman Ahmed
tDAR Jodi Reeves Eyre
EXARC-NL Dorothee Olthof
SDG Sustainability Maria Josefina Villanueva
Journal Listing Silje Evjenth Bentsen
Scouting Ligeri Papagiannaki, Angeles Ruiz, Allison Suba, Dyah Sukmawardhani, María Josefina Villanueva, Cinzia Costanzo, Christopher Olsen, Marie Kolbenstetter


Cinzia Costanzo

Archaeological Open-Air Museum Listings Manager: Cinzia Costanzo (IT)
BA in Archaeology and Art History at Roma Tre University, with a focus to Classical Archaeology and Ancient Roman Architecture (my final thesis topic is on "Architectural elements in brick in the Roman Imperial Age buildings"). I have gained a long experience in digital media applied to the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, and in particular in the management of online museums databases and cultural content.


Noman Ahmed (NL)

Citizen Science Project: Noman Ahmed (NL)
A student at Leiden University with interests in civic engagement and humanitarian response. I previously lived in Egypt and the USA where I volunteered and worked with several initiatives. I come originally from Pakistan but I grew up in Yemen. My goal is to work in the development NGO sector while traveling to learn and meet people.


Dorothee Olthof MA

Dutch Conference Organisation: Dorothee Olthof MA (NL)
EXARC Member
I have studied Prehistory at Leiden University and got my master's degree there. After a few years of excavating I turned my attention to archaeology & education. First as a prehistoric inhabitant of Archeon and coordinator of the prehistoric part there, from 2007 onwards with my own company for archaeology & education, PRAE...


María Josefina Villanueva (NL)

Scout for Museums & Universities, UN Sustainable Development Goals: María Josefina Villanueva (NL)
Josefina is an Argentinian student at Leiden University, currently studying International Relations and Organisations. In the past, she has attended the University of St Andrews, were she has taken International Relations, Philosophy, Sustainable Development and Anthropology courses. Her interests range from heritage and "costumbres" in Latin America to the practical implementation of philosophical argumentation to government policies.


Silje Evjenth Bentsen

EXARC Journal Listing Agent: Dr Silje Evjenth Bentsen (NO)
EXARC Member
My primary research interests are combustion features, pyrotechnology, and the use of fire among hunter-gatherers. I am currently a Claude Leon Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where I work on fire-related behaviour, human culinary technology and site formation processes at the Middle Stone Age site Klasies River, South Africa. Experimental archaeology is an important component of my research...


Advisors and Ambassadors
Ambassador Giovanna Fregni
EU project Advisor Jenny Inker
Digital Advisor  Jodi Reeves Eyre
Ambassador Maura Stefani


Giovanna Fregni (IT)

Ambassador, Social Media Officer (Facebook): Giovanna Fregni PhD (IT)
EXARC Member
I am an independent researcher with a specialisation in non-ferrous metals with a practical background in jewellery making and metalsmithing. My research ranges from smelting ores and exploring early technology, to replicating metalworking techniques from the Bronze Age through Medieval Period. My greatest passion however, is replicating hammers, anvils, and other tools and using those to better understand metalworking technology in antiquity...


Jenny Inker (US)

Senior Advisor: Jenny Inker PhD (US)
Jenny Inker is an assistant professor and joint program director for the assisted living speciality area in the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) College of Health Professions Department of Gerontology. She holds a PhD in Health Related Sciences and a Master’s of Gerontology from VCU, an MBA from George Washington University, a Master’s of Science in Strategic Management and Housing from University of Wales, Cardiff and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from George Washington University. She has significant leadership experience in non-profit organizations.


Jodi Reeves Flores

Digital Collections Manager: Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre (USA)
EXARC Member
I have worked with EXARC since 2010 and currently manage the EXARC Experimental Archaeology Collection. I have a PhD in archaeology from the University of Exeter and was a CLIR/DLF Fellow in Data Curation for the Sciences and Social Sciences at Arizona State University from 2013 to 2015. For the past five years, I have focused on the preservation of cultural heritage by leading digital curation projects...


Dott.ssa Maura Stefani

Ambassador, Senior Advisor: Dott.ssa Maura Stefani (IT)
Representing EXARC Member
I am graduated in Archaeology and Conservation of Archaeological heritage after my studies at Ca' Foscary University of Venice, with a scentific thesis in Archaeozoology. Since 2005 I took part in several archaeological excavations in some Prehistoric sites of Northeastern Italy with University of Ferrara. My interest in Prehistory and Didactic brought me to Livelet, where I work since March 2009...


REARC autonomous team
Jack Cresson, Carolyn Dillian, Jane Eastman, Ryan J.Grohsmeyer, Eric Marks, Lauren McMillian, Tim Messner, Neil Peterson


Neil Peterson (CA)

REARC Team: Neil Peterson (CA)
EXARC Member
I have been involved with re-enactment/interpretation for over 25 years, and heavily involved with experimental work specifically in the areas of Viking Era Iron Smelting, and Bead Production for over a decade. I have interpreted for, participated in or run training sessions with, and lectured at a number of museums around North America on various topics focused in the Viking Era.


ARCHÄOFORUM autonomous team
Andy Franzkowiak, Wulf Hein, Max Mohrwinkel, Michael Müller


Michael Müller

Archäoforum: Michael Müller cand. Phd (DE)
I am a PhD candidate at the Institute of Prehistory at the FU Berlin. My research interests are the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods in Europe and I focus especially on anthropomorphic representations and hoards. For my master thesis I worked on Neolithic and Chalcolithic anthropomorphic figurines from Southeastern Europe. For my PhD, I am investigating the depositions of the Funnelbeaker culture, particularly those with flint axe heads. In connection to that I started to do some experimental work with flint knapping and grinding of axe heads.