News from 2016

EXARC had a small group meeting in the Netherlands in Spring, partly because OpenArch had come to an end so we were not able to meet on the back of any of their workshops. 

We attended the ICOM triannual meeting in Italy (the follow up to the meeting in Brazil) where EXARC was assisting ICOM Netherlands with a session on the Roman Limes in Germany and the Netherlands. We were also present at the EAA in Vilnius (LT), at the session on experimental archaeology. 

It was decided that the International Experimental Archaeology Conferences (like in Dublin last year) were now 100% in EXARC's hands and EXARC would organise the 10th in this series, #EAC10 in the Netherlands in 2017 together with Leiden University. 

The EXARC presence at the REARC conferences in the United States was good this year. It was the first time REARC met in Colonial Williamsburg with a combination of lectures on one day and public engagement the second.