EU Application, support for European networks

On 11 November 2016, EXARC filed an application with the EU for support for European networks. The outcome is expected to come in March / April 2017.
EXARC will highlight the migration of food and artisan products in the archaeological past (in this case 7500 BC – 1500 AD), showing its relevance for modern times, emphasising our common European past. We aim to reach new audiences for archaeological open-air museums: refugees, the silver generation and people with special needs and with that, improve this category of museums.
We intend to make our members travel through Europe, sharing the stories of food and artisan products of their own region. We will also produce several education programs which can be presented locally or at location. Additionally, three festivals will take place across Europe, where we show the results of the projects to thousands of people. If we are successful, we will have four years of intensive cooperation with many of our members.

Photo: Fifth-century burial pots and other artefacts from Issendorf, Lower Saxony, Germany. Courtesy of Landesmuseum Hannover,