Cooperation with IMTAL Europe

In September 2005, members of IMTAL-Europe (the International Museum Theatre Alliance), organized a conference in Hungary, at the museum in Százhalombatta, titled “From Role-Plays to Re-Enactment Shows”. That was the first time EXARC learned about how to apply museum theatre in open-air museums.
It was not until 2012, EXARC and IMTAL Europe had a conference together in Foteviken, Sweden, thanks to the EU project OpenArch. A large number of members, both from IMTAL Europe and EXARC learned a good deal from each other.
Again in 2018, both associations met for ...

Irish-German Twinning - early medieval Plowing

In the first ever funding by EXARC, two projects were selected to benefit from EXARC and its network. UCD Dublin (IE) and Lauresham open-air Laboratory (DE) will work with Early Medieval ploughing implements and their detailed experimental archaeological (re)construction, use, testing and recording. This will be a typical case where the museum benefits from the university and vice versa: Lauresham for example has traction animals, while UCD has research labs.