Hans-Ole Hansen, 1939-2021

"Cattle die, friends die, and the same with you; but I know of something that never dies and that's a dead person's deeds. The founder of Sagnlandet Lejre has passed away."

The founder of Sagnlandet Lejre / Lejre Land of Legends, Hans-Ole Hansen has passed away on May 3rd, 2021.

Hans-Ole Hansen has been a man of great ideas and results, both very practical and with a vision. His influence on experimental archaeology and archaeological open-air museums, starting already in the 1950s, has been large and very welcome. The Danish Network of historical workshops will not be the same without him...

Butser Plus - New Online Platform

Butser Ancient Farm is a unique experimental archaeology site nestled into the rolling countryside of the South Downs National Park. For almost 50 years it has pioneered a hands-on practical approach to understanding life in the ancient past through experimentation and reconstruction.

Butser Ancient Farm has recently launched Butser Plus – an online platform that will allow users to enter an online world featuring professionally shot behind-the-scenes video content about life at this unique heritage site. Supporters from around the globe will be able to sign up to access the exclusive content, and their donations will help to safeguard the farm’s future as it recovers from the impact of COVID and the subsequent loss of visitors over the last year...

#FinallyFriday: All Fired Up

Pyrotechnology – the manipulation and control of fire – is one of the defining characteristics of humanity, and has impacted nearly every technology that we used in the past and study archaeologically in the present. Our guests Dragoş Gheorghiu and Femke Reitsma join us for May’s #FinallyFriday to shed light on this ubiquitous but taken-for-granted subject.

Professor Dragoş Gheorghiu is a professor at the Bucharest National University of Arts in Romania. Femke Reitsma is a PhD researcher at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Join us for a lively discussion about the ways that our guests study this topic...