Burning down the House

Dutch house (re)construction receives fitting finale
On March 8, a Stone Age like house (re)construction was burned to the ground as part of a scientific project by the University of Leiden (NL), member of EXARC. EXARC witnessed the process. Seven years before, this house was based on the excavation of a Neolithic house at Haamstede Brabers (NL). The house project at Horsterwold, led by prof. van Gijn was aimed to learn more about the biography of Neolithic houses: obtaining the materials, the tools used, the quantity of work, repairs and the decay. Burning down the house and recording the remains are the last stage in the process...

EXARCs New Folder out now

With our large conference in Trento coming up soon, and mailing many archaeological open-air museums, we made a new folder. In eight sides, it explains what EXARC stands for and offers open access to anybody interested, while we also emphasise what you get extra if you join EXARC as a member.

Please email us if you are a member and would you like to order some folders. We are printing 2.500 copies and hope to reach many people with the EXARC message.

Tourisma – Archaeology and Open-air Museums in Italy

Reporting by Maura Stefani
From February 22nd to 24th in Florence (Italy) took place the fifth edition of "TOURISMA – Exhibition of Archaeology and Cultural Tourism", organized by the magazine Archeologia Viva, dedicated to the communication of great archaeological discoveries and the promotion of cultural heritage.

During Tourisma, on February 23rd, Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria organized the conference "Living the prehistory - The experience of archaeological open-air museums", coordinated by Massimo Tarantini and Cristiana Zanasi, with the participation of EXARC...