FlexIT donates Laptop to EXARC

The city of Leiden has a platform for corporate social responsibility, called MBO71. Here, businesses help charities and other volunteer organisations with advice, or things. Thanks to their help, we got in contact with FlexIT who donated a laptop to EXARC. We are very thankful for this support in kind, as it will be used by one of our volunteers who so far could only help us by means of his mobile phone.

The amount of voluntary support in the region where EXARC is located is heart-warming. People support us for various reasons, that we are open source for example, or that we help bridging between different groups of people around the world. Many thanks!

EXARC Journal 2021/1

This first Journal of 2021 consists of 19 articles. Subjects covered are Roman minting and Roman horse saddles but also discussions on documentation of houses in archaeological open-air museums as well as standardized reporting of experimental iron smelting. A different discussion is about the Concept of Authenticity in Collections of Open-Air Museums. From further afield are our articles from Russia (The Process of Making Schist Axes of Paja Ul Deˀŋ) and China (The Woven Belts of the Lao Han People, China)...

#FinallyFriday: Same Questions, Different Places

Experimental archaeology helps us to understand our human past, and it’s a research approach which grows every year all over the world. But how are experimental archaeologists establishing themselves in countries where the approach hasn’t been used so often? What kinds of questions are they asking and what difficulties do they need to overcome?

March’s #FinallyFriday features Shanti Pappu and João Carlos Moreno de Sousa, and they talk us through their work building up experimental archaeology programmes in India and Brazil...