Podcast: Seeing is Believing

Seeing objects from the past in museum exhibition cases is one thing, but seeing how those objects would have been handled by the ancient people who made them is even better!

In this month's episode of #FinallyFriday, Matilda is joined by two experts focusing on different ways that we can visualise the past.

Making a dugout - visualisation by Kelvin Wilson

The first major experiment within the project Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses: studying domestic craft and subsistence activities through experiments and material analysis was the making of a dugout. The vessel was constructed by the Masamuda volunteers under the supervision of Leo Wolterbeek and took a little over a year to complete (click here for more). This experiment resulted in a beautiful visualisation by Kelvin Wilson.

The two winners of the EXARC Experimental Archaeology Award 2022

When we opened the call for funding of archaeological experiments earlier this year, by the deadline at the end of June, we received seventeen promising applications from all around the globe. The themes and approaches were truly diverse, including both creativity and acdemic rigour. Thanks to our sponsor, EXARC member, John Kiernan, the jury has been able to selected two winners of 500 EUR each: Phoebe Baker and Timothy E Baumann.