Potter’s Wheel Conference Live

We have a live conference going right now, on “Archaeological Approaches to the Study of the Potter’s Wheel”, #potterycon. In case you missed yesterday, we heard papers concerned with modes of research for potting practices. Our inaugural speaker Professor Sander Van der Leeuw, the speakers and discussant Professor Carl Knappett brought forth a variety of approaches to the study of the wheel, generating much discussion.

On November 25, we begin with Theme 2, the evolution and spread of the potter’s wheel, and which will continue into Thursday. This theme will discuss the potter’s wheel in a range of geographical contexts, from Mesopotamia and the Uruk to the Aegean, Sudan and Southern Italy...

EXARC Journal 2020/04 published

The 4th EXARC Journal of 2020 contains 16 articles.

It was not planned but five of 12 reviewed articles are about weaving, looms or loom weights. Even within this subject, there is a great diversity, as they are about research in Italy, Slovakia, Norway, the Levant and Meso-America.

Several papers are based on research in open-air museums, like an article about Neolithic bows from Finland and an overview of documentation work at Buster’s in the UK. Another contribution compares site museums with archaeological open-air museums...

Wanted: Volunteers for online Roundhouse Project

Anyone looking for something to do while we are all at home?? Look no further...

Kate, a student from the University of Exeter, looking for volunteers to participate in her online archaeology activity for her dissertation! It involves two online surveys and a PowerPoint roundhouse activity, all of which should take about an hour. Your answers are anonymous.

Please message if you are interested. Kate would love as many volunteers as possible to try to get some good data! And please feel free to share with others who may be willing to be involved!