CRAFTER: Europe funds Bronze Age Potters

Reviving Europe’s Bronze Age and traditional pottery-making in a new cooperation project A cooperation project led by the Friends Association of the Archaeological Site of La Bastida (ASBA), from Totana, Spain, will be funded with 104.760,52 euros by the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), on behalf of the European Commission. The project is called Crafting Europe in the Bronze Age and Today, CRAFTER for short, and will draw inspiration from Europe’s Bronze Age pottery to help revive modern-day artisanship....

EXARC in Slovenia

In June 2018, EXARC visited Slovenia as a part of a conference by the name “Interpretation and promotion of archaeological heritage. Theory, Practice, Opportunities.” Funding came from the Interreg Danube Transnational Program, “Iron-Age Danube”.  On June 13, about 40 participants had gathered in the House of the European Union in Ljubljana. These included archaeologists and museologists but also people from municipalities, interested to move things in their areas. EXARC director Paardekooper gave the keynote lecture, explaining about the interpretation of cultural heritage - from theory to practice and back...

Mission á ICOM Paris

In only three days, EXARC got a crash course “international museum world” with ICOM in Paris. The annual conference attracted about 250 people from all over the world. ICOM itself is growing fast and has over 41,000 members by now. Our main interest was in following the discussion on the international committees, which are organised around themes, like education, collections or glass. Maybe this will become more flexible, as most members are interested in several subjects. The workshop on capacity building was extremely useful, not only to learn more about the subject, but also to see what professionals from other parts of the world prioritise.