EXARC Volunteer Day at Archeon

EXARC has over 75 volunteers worldwide. A good part of these live in the Netherlands, where we have our office. Our team works on the EXARC Journal, our website, social media, conferences - almost all the work EXARC does is in the hands of volunteers.

When we got the chance to organise a volunteer day for our Dutch volunteers, we of course did not say no! We could only achieve this with some help (see below). A location was found in Archeon where those volunteers of us who are no EXARC members learned what an archaeological open-air museum is about...

Brazil closer to EXARC

Around Midsummer, we had the chance to meet with the Pequi do Cerrado Institute from Brazil (IPCE) and the director of Kasteel Heeswijk to discuss cooperation. EXARC was represented by Maria Josefina Villanueva and Roeland Paardekooper, IPCE was present in the person of Lucas Bernalli, and Luc Eekhout, Kasteel Heeswijk, hosted the meeting.

IPCE has a modern, progressive approach which includes people from many different backgrounds, helping the local community in the Minas Gerais forward, keeping an eye on the very diverse background, on sustainability and much more...

2020 European Archaeology Days

On 19-21 June 2020 we celebrated the European Archaeology Days (EAD)

The EAD is a long weekend dedicated to archaeology in all its forms to raise awareness and familiarise European audiences with all aspects of archaeology. A variety of events was organised, aiming at engaging families, schools, students, history enthusiasts, museum visitors, as well as merely curious participants to discover this multifaceted discipline and their archaeological heritage...