Podcast: Future-proofing the Past

Like many things in the modern world, digitalisation has transformed the way we interact with the past and opened opportunities for visualisation, curation and sharing. But how do we actually use these digital tools? How do we use them to engage the public? And how do we ensure our digital data is a fair representation of the past?

EAC14: Experimental Archaeology Conference 2025

As registration continues for EXARC's 2024 conference on Digitalisation in Open-Air Museums and Reconstructions, we are also very excited to announce the dates and location for our 2025 Experimental Archaeology Conference - EAC14.

Where: Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil.
When: 12-16th May 2025 (3 days of conference, followed by 2 days of optional excursions)