Join EXARCs Citizen Science Project

EXARC is excited to share that we are planning our first citizen science project. This challenges community interest in open-air museums and the quality experiences for communities and families around museum locations, most of which are in suburban areas and small towns. We hope the project will build strong community interests in open-air museums. 

EXARC is now looking for partners (members and non-members) to help develop the project or join the group. 

EXARC now has an Office

Good news! EXARC is growing fast (60+ new members last year). Also our activities are growing in number and people attending, EXARC is more international than ever before. The EXARC Team of volunteers grew spectacularly over the past few months ( and now EXARC opens an office!

At the same time we are also busy with reorganizing our secretariat. From 2020 we will have one 0.5 FTE employee taking care of the administration, secretariat and graphic / website issues. That is another step toward becoming more professional, thinking about EXARC's future.

Ground-breaking Journal Tools & Tillage made Open Access

The international journal Tools & Tillage is a great resource about historic farming techniques and traditional agricultural practices, combined with an (experimental) archaeological approach. Published over the years 1968-1995 it pulled together a great number of research projects from around the world, a remarkable effort in the days without internet.

As the number of people studying rural history increases, and museums continue to interpret meaning and method, several of us who work with agricultural museums, experimental archaeology, living history farms, and open-air museums decided to join forces to try and make Tools & Tillage more widely available...