EXARC has a new Address

With all the changes in our team, EXARC decided to close its office in Leiden.

EXARC is still based in the Netherlands but moved to Batavialand. This is an EXARC Member and large museum. One of our long term Board Members - Annemarie Pothaar - is senior member of their staff and will, when needed, represent EXARC.

The work within EXARC is done from different countries as our team is very international. For example Matilda Siebrecht, our new director, lives in Germany. You will notice her address on the envelopes with Digest, as returning address.

Our new official address is: 

EXARC Journal Digest 2023 published

The 2023 EXARC Journal Digest is in print and we will pack it and send it shortly.

The EXARC Journal Digest 2023 brings chosen abridged articles from the EXARC Journal issues of 2022/4 to 2023/3. There are 15 reviewed and 15 mixed matters articles from 13 countries and as usual the topics vary widely.

Among the experimental and technological articles, there are presentations of research into metalworking, pottery, weaving and others. The articles on education address the question of including experimental archaeology in university education. The open-air museum articles consider the future and sustainability of projects.