EXARC Journal Digest 2022 published and almost on the way

The 2022 EXARC Journal Digest is ready. It brings 17 reviewed and 15 mixed matters abridged articles from the EXARC Journal’s issues of 2021/4 to 2022/3. Unfortunately, the Digest can be only a taster of what is on offer in our online EXARC Journal. We had to choose from nearly 60 articles from all over the world and with wide ranging topics. In the Digest you will find articles on topics such as experimental house reconstructions from Japan, mail horse-armour from UK, possible beginnings of copper smelting from Norway, lime mortar additives from Greece, approaching body movements as an artefact from Brazil and many others.

Among the articles there are also represented the results of grants and co-operations. For the second year in a row, we have had the pleasure of cooperating with our EXARC member John Kiernan, who generously supports archaeological experiments with an award. In this EXARC Journal Digest, you find the first article stemming from such a funded experiment, Examining the Physical Signatures of PreElectric Tattooing Tools and Techniques by Deter-Wolf et al.  EXARC Twinning grant supported the co-operation between The Lauresham Open-Air Laboratory in Germany (Lauresham) and the Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture in University College Dublin, Ireland (CEAMC) and their work is brought to us in the article (Re)constructing an Early Medieval Irish Ard by Brendan O`Neill, Claus Kropp, Frank Trommer and Vanessa Töngi. The progress of the RETOLD project can be seen in the article RETOLD: On the Way for a Digital Future of Documentation in Open-Air Museums by Cordula Hansen and Rüdiger Kelm.

EXARC Journal Digest ISSN: 2212-523X
Size: A4, 112 pages, full colour, circulation of 750