Thank You

Thank you

We thank all EXARC members, friends and colleagues who helped creating this website. We are especially thankful to those donating to our Crowdfunding  and those who gave us items for sale at our Auction and those buying (2015-2016).

We thank:

Douglas Meyer, USA
Giovanna Fregni, Italy
Emma & Eva Laurijssens van Engelenhoven, the Netherlands
Gallische Hoeve, Belgium
Janet Stephens, USA
Matilda Siebrecht, the Netherlands
Pascale Barnes, UK
Skäftekärr Open-Air Museum, Sweden
Yuri Godino, Italy
Alan Baxter, West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, UK
Stephen W Blakely, USA
Neil Peterson, Canada
Chris Pallasch, Germany
Daniël Postma, Archaeo Build, the Netherlands
Butser Ancient Farm, UK
Maria-Louise Sidoroff, USA
Renée Magendans, the Netherlands