News from 2012

EXARC started to publish its online Journal, first only half open access and half for members only, but this changed in 2017. OpenArch (and also EXARC) met in Italy and Sweden. OpenArch also had several workshops in exeter, and staff exchanges all over Europe. 

From 2006 onwards, there is an annual UK conference on experimental archaeology. EXARC has always been involved in this, but local universities were the main organiser. Gradually, EXARC became the silent source behind the conference. This is what we now call the EAC series of International conferences on experimental archaeology. 

The Grundtvig projects came with their results which are still accessible through EXARC today: a glossary, several manuals and much more. The marketplace we tried out thanks to Grundtvig unfortunately had to close two years later. 

EXARC attempted to get an EU Operating grant but failed, however, we were present at several events all over Europe and also sent a mailing to 250 museums all over Europe.