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250 museums approached in Europe

By the end of 2012, we produced a new brochure about EXARC. In eight pages it describes what EXARC has to offer, inlc Journal online and Digest, EU projects: like OpenArch, and its product - Open Archaeology website...

OpenArch in Mérida (ES)

The OAM Calafell was invited by the Regional Culture and Education Ministry of the Government of Extremadura and the Association of Cultural Managers of Extremadura to deliver a lecture in the framework of the Industrial and Creative Conferences that took place on December 3-4, 2012 in Mérida...

Early Medieval Churches in the spotlight

“If you have a good idea, EXARC will try and build a project around it”. One of our Swedish members heard us saying this and now we are making an adult education project around early medieval churches. We have six archaeological open-air museums from six countries – this is going to be fun!

Worries about Orientalis (NL)

EXARC, the international ICOM affiliated organisation for archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology, worldwide active in 25 countries is deeply concerned about the developments with Museumpark Orientalis in the Netherlands.
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EXARC represented at Ferrara Conference (IT)

24 & 25 November, Ferrara will be the stage for the Habits & Costumes Conference. It is about Museums, re-enactment and experimental archaeology. Experiences and perspectives will be shared. Part of it is a Fair about living history, historical tourism and cookery. The conference will also shed light on tradition as tool for sustainable tourism.

EXARC Operating Grant 2013

EXARC is growing fast; the number of members, our network and activities, you name it. For this reason, we applied for an operating grant, meant to help EXARC running as a professional association. This application covers only 2013 but it is very important in keeping EXARC moving forward. With this money we will be able to organise more activities, and we will be able to improve on what we already planned. We will also be able to strengthen our secretariat. Mid February 2013, news will come from Brussels if our application is successful.

Last Product of Didarchtik

Motivation Manual Didarchtik
Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2010-2012
Coordinated by Parco Archeologico didattico del Livelet

Openarch First Exeter Workshop October 6th-11th 2012

The workshop organized by University of Exeter, Department of Archaeology (UK), aims to provide a solid grounding in the methods and pedagogies of experimental archaeology and present a variety of examples to show how these principles can be put into practice...

Meeting in Sweden successful

Over 120 people met for our conference in Foteviken, Sweden last week and it was a great success. All in all, over 20 countries were represented Not only EXARC and OpenArch members were present, also members of IMTAL Europe, NOOAM and the Swedish Heritage Board as well as many individuals...

The 3rd issue of the EXARC Journal is out!

We have recently published the last issue of the EXARC Journal for this year. You will find it at: If you are not logged in, all you will see are the 'mixed matters' articles as well as a republication of the proceedings of the 1999 workshop on the experimental and educational aspects of bronze metallurgy...


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