Operational Manager on tour

Over the months June and July, the OpenArch Operational Manager met with eight of the eleven partners in the project in person. Discussions were about the state of progress, issues regarding the interim report and travel details for the near future, including our upcoming meeting in Sweden. We exchanged thoughts on how things could be improved, both in the project structure as how partners deal with it in their own organisation.
In short, the following visits were made: Borger, NL (Hunebedcentrum) [8 June], Petersfield, UK (Calafell) [18 June], Copenhagen, DK (Fotevikens Museum) [6 July], Cardiff, WLS (St Fagans) [15 July], Exeter, UK (University of Exeter) [17 July], Alphen, NL (Archeon & Viminacium) [23 July].