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10th meeting of EXARC - a closer cooperation with liveARCH

The Living History Museums and archaeological open-air museums of Europe join their resources. From 11th – 13th November 2005, the members of EXARC met in Asparn an der Zaya (AT), north of Vienna. In the Metternich-Schloß, the director of the Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum für Urgeschichte, Dr. Ernst Lauermann, welcomed the 25 museum directors and employees who travelled down to the meeting from Austria, Germany, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Hungary...

liveARCH (INTERREG 4C) became liveARCH (Culture 2000)

In September 2005, it became clear, the best option to apply for EU funding for the liveARCH idea was not to wait for INTERREG 4, but to join Culture 2000 with a 3 year project. One of the limits of Culture 2000 was the number of participants: maximum 8. After 2 weeks, our liveARCH project counted 8 candidates. We hope to be able to have more EXARC members join the project and its activities as affiliate partners. By the 28th of October, an application of almost 5 kilogrammes was sent off to Brussels.

EuroREA 2

The cooperation with EXARC Member SEA from the Czech Republic has resulted in the second volume of our journal EuroREA. It is a bit thinner than the previous one (160 pages, pocket size) and has interesting articles on for example wood tar production and something seemingly as simple as baking bread. The discussion section is about how to publish experimental archaeology.

“Delphi” in Archeon: work barn and Grubenhaus from the Carolingian Period

Just 45 minutes south of Amsterdam, at Archeon, on September 1st the last part of “Delphi – house of Questions” was inaugurated by the 3 mayors of respectively Alphen, Valkenburg (ZH) and Rijnsburg. Archeon collected the most important questions in an earlier stage and by the end of June 2005, the construction of two houses was officially given a start...

“Delphi” in Araisi: cross European relations – then, now and in the future

by G. Schöbel/R. Paardekooper
90 km north of Riga in Latvia, at Araisi Lake Fortress near Cesis, by the end of June 2005, the Latvian delegation could crown their work for “Delphi”. Their ceremony was frequented by many politicians, scientists and members of the population...

“Delphi” in Unteruhldingen: Latvian Embassador and Duch Consul open the route through (pre)history, partner museums answers questions by mouse click.

by G. Schöbel/R. Paardekooper
On a very sunny day as there would follow many, officials from the three partner countries of the “Delphi” project opened the website by mouse click and walked with the other invited guests across the 2 km long route through prehistory and history, with which the Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen links itself into their environment...

9th EXARC meeting

March 11th - 13th, 2005 In Spring 2005, members of EXARC convened for the 9th time, in Foteviken, Sweden. The initiators of this meeting were, besides EXARC, the EU-project BALTIC+, Region Scania, and The EU-project Destination Viking. 34 Participants from 5 countries joined in a two days seminar concerning the mediation of our living historical heritage, in Sweden and the rest of Europe...
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