“Delphi” in Unteruhldingen: Latvian Embassador and Duch Consul open the route through (pre)history, partner museums answers questions by mouse click.

by G. Schöbel/R. Paardekooper


On a very sunny day as there would follow many, officials from the three partner countries of the “Delphi” project opened the website by mouse click and walked with the other invited guests across the 2 km long route through prehistory and history, with which the Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen links itself into their environment.

The 3rd opening that day was the “House of Questions”, a Bronze Age reconstruction with an exhibition of the 50 most asked questions in this museum and its answers. Meanwhile a brochure has been published of both the walking road as the “House of Questions”. These festivities were joined by members of the other two Delphi partners as well as a delegation form the EXARC board.

The road through history and prehistory is not just fixed on the eras with which the museum is working: all different kinds of visible and invisible monuments which meant a lot for local society are presented in small islands with signposts. If you have seen all points, you will understand better how the landscape and its people were shaped over 10,000 years.

The website which was successfully presented this day, houses over 200 questions. The success can be seen in that 50% of the questions came from colleague museums across Europe, most of them EXARC members, which generously not only helped with collecting questions and answering them, but as well assisted in having the website available in at least 13 languages.