Welcome two new partners in OpenArch

At the third OpenArch meeting, in Modena in April 2012, we were finally able to meet with the two new OpenArch partners in person: representatives from Viminacium, Serbia and from the University of Exeter, UK came over to meet. In preparing their participation to OpenArch, the Management Team had already met them, but none of the partners knew either Exeter or Viminacium. They got the floor first thing on the first day - and what a remarkable stories we heard! Both new partners have good international ambitions which will be beneficial to OpenArch and its partners. When we got to the official part, with all papers signed already, they officially got the EXARC and OpenArch shields by means of which they can advertise their membership to both. Over the next few days, each partner used the opportunity of getting to know our new partners better. By the end of the meeting it was like they had always been with us.

Welcome to Viminacium and the University of Exeter!