Openarch First Exeter Workshop October 6th-11th 2012

The workshop organized by University of Exeter, Department of Archaeology (UK), aims to provide a solid grounding in the methods and pedagogies of experimental archaeology and present a variety of examples to show how these principles can be put into practice. Participants will be encouraged to use the workshop to help with issues in their workplace such as improving the dialogue with science, writing up experimental actions for the Openarch website or journal, and planning for future experiments.
The workshop will be small with close interactions between participants, academic staff and postgraduate students. There will be lots of chances to ask questions and discuss issues and there will always be someone who can help explain points of English.

All OpenArch members are welcome to join.

On the last day there is an excursion to St Fagans (also OpenArch partner), where we will visit and discuss their experiences of building a new structure, excavating the spaces where structures have been and any other issues.