OpenArch complete again with 11 partners

When last year two partners dropped out of OpenArch (see here and here for more details), it was up to the Management Team to find replacing partners. We have spoken with over a dozen seriously interested museums and in December we paid a visit to two of them. Now, early spring we can gladly announce most paperwork is behind us and the OpenArch Partnership is complete again.

For the Dialogue with Visitors, we have found Viminacium in Serbia to join us. Of course they will be doing more than just that. Viminacium is the site where Roman Emperors were buried and excavated!

The University of Exeter is well known for their international approach to experimental archaeology. Their MA is attended by students from all over the world. We are happy they joined us in this respect. Both new partners in OpenArch will present themselves in at our upcoming meeting in Modena, Italy.