Call for two Volunteer experts

Villa Wellmer is calling for two volunteer expert assistants to work for the months August – October 2012 in Romania, teaching medieval carpentry techniques and stone masonry. While all logistic costs related to the workshops are covered you need to apply (and we help you) for Grundtvig Assistantship funding, covering all your eligible costs (ex. transportation, accommodation, pocket money and/or language training). This application must be made prior to 30.03.2012, the last deadline for submitting activities for this year span.

Villa Wellmer, member of EXARC, in Romania aims to (re)construct a fortified manor (Casa Greavului) the way it could have been in the 12th century, when Saxons and other Europeans settled in Transylvania. They will organise two Grundtvig Workshops over three months with 5 participants each. They are looking for two expert assistants, one in medieval carpentry techniques, the other expert in stone masonry. The apprentices will be young volunteers (pupils and students selected among history, archaeology and medieval re-enactment enthusiasts) participating at the summer work camp on the building site of the Casa Greavului Project.

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