The UK conference series on Experimental Archaeology

November 2006, a day conference on experimental archaeology was held at UCL in London. This happened to be the first in a row, with the 6th and latest in January 2012 at the University of York. There is no official association behind this, no address list or whatsoever. By now, it has developed into a two-day conference, usually including papers, workshops and posters. It is not only attended by experimental archaeologists from the UK, participants usually come from a wide variety of countries as this is one of the most accessible conferences in experimental archaeology in Europe. Proceedings of one of the six conferences are published so far, with three others planned.
EXARC has been involved in this conference series from the beginning, as an interested outsider. By advertising these conferences, we hope to promote experimental archaeology in the UK itself. Therefore we are happy to announce that for the past and future conferences in these series, a website is available. With the help of British postgraduate students, and with permission of all those involved, material was collected about past conferences and also, future conferences in these series will be announced here. EXARC is pleased to have been able to sponsor this initaiative by means of which we hope this series get the attention it deserves.