Last call: A Year On The Field - Flax

The Year On The Field project will start a new project phase in January and -  analogously to wheat for the year 2021/22 - will now deal intensively with the topic of flax for one year. The focus is not only on cultivation and processing in different regions and at different periods, but also on the relevance of this fascinating crop for our agriculture and today's society. Last but not least, it is also about rediscovering an appropriate appreciation of the products of this textile plant, which is so central alongside wool and cotton.

Will You Join Us?

Already several institutions and companies have joined the project as new growers and contributors but we also need YOU!

  • Have you grown flax in the past and want to share your experiences?
  • Are you planning to grow flax in 2023?
  • Are you an expert in processing flax fibers?
  • Are you familiar with historical and archaeological tools for flax processing and have you perhaps tested them?
  • Are you concerned with the diversity of flax varieties?
  • Are you familiar with the historical significance of flax?

Then send us your manuscripts in compliance with the attached guidelines and we will immediately start editing and checking them. By the way, it is not a problem if the contributions have already been published elsewhere, as the project is also about collecting as much data as possible.

If you are a new grower and would like to join the project, we will gladly send you the corresponding protocol forms.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The Year On The Field Team