Help the Middelaldercentret!

Trebuchet Middelaldercentret

The Middelaldercentret in Denmark is known for its trebuchets, a type of medieval casting machine.

Sadly in 2021 the small one died, after 30 years of use, and the big one is also an elderly lady who will not last much longer.

Our colleagues in Denmark contacted us:

We are going to build a new trebuchet in 2023, and you are invited to help spreading the word.

... Building a trebuchet is not easy and it is expensive.

We will do it the medieval way, and involve the local community, the local schools and teach people about medieval crafts. But we also want to involve a much wider community: our fellow nerds, re-enactors, history lovers and craftspeople around the world!

Everyone should be able to be a part of this project - be a part of our new trebuchet! Therefore, we are starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the build. We will be forever grateful for your help, and you will be part of the building of a new trademark for the Centre.

Be part of our team and help by sharing our videos and posts on social media, so we can reach a wide range of people - you are also welcomed to make your own posts with reference to us and the campaign if that makes more sense to your profile. We believe this project can go worldwide - it is not often the world's largest functional trebuchet is being replaced by a new one!

It is our plan to host a huge building festival in the summer of 2023 where we invite historical craft people (mainly carpenters and blacksmiths) to come and help build the trebuchet. It is an opportunity to also test how fast it was to raise a trebuchet in the Middle Ages. More information will follow during the winter.

The crowdfunding campaign is live at:

We look forward to this campaign and are excited to see how much it will bring. No matter what, we will build a trebuchet next year! Contact us if you like to join the volunteer team: