Podcast: Stuck in the Past

This month #FinallyFriday travels all the way back into the deep past, as we discuss the trials and joys of experimenting with Neanderthal glue. 

Dr Paul Kozowyk is a post-doctoral researcher at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His work focuses on the investigation of ancient adhesives from Neanderthal and early human archaeological contexts, specifically looking at the material properties of different glue recipes. 

Phoebe Baker is currently working as a Terrestrial Geophysics Technician for Wessex Archaeology in the UK, but she is also an experimental archaeologist whose research focuses on ancient sewing technologies. 

Listen in on Friday 4th November to hear how to overcome the limitations of working without specialised laboratory equipment, how to deal with a lack of archaeological evidence, and why glue is such a sticky subject!