EXARC-YEAR Centre: Support Ukraine Network (SUN)

EXARC has teamed up with the YEAR (York Experimental Archaeological Research) Centre and Ukraine based ancient craft expert Yarema Ivantsiv - to create a Support Ukraine Network (SUN) which will provide mentorship and resources for open-air museums, Experimental Archaeologists, and ancient craft experts. 

Because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Heritage sites, including open-air museums, have struggled to maintain visitor numbers; however, in some regions, museums remain open. Museums, where visitors of all ages, engage with their cultural heritage, often through re-enactment and replication of ancient craft practices, have become even more vital in the face of Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukrainian society and way of life. Once Ukraine dispels the Russian army, it is expected that cultural heritage centres will become an even more important focal point for Ukrainians to connect with their history and cultural identity. Similarly, when Ukraine can re-open its borders to tourists, museums that enable visitors to experience a taste of Ukrainian culture, will play an important role in helping boost the economy.

SUN, in addition to providing support for open-air museums, is committed to helping individual experimental archaeologists and traditional craft practitioners - many of whom are currently struggling to access resources, with research networks detrimentally affected by the war. Over the last few months, the YEAR Centre team and EXARC have been contacted by experimental archaeologists, including some attempting to continue their doctoral studies, asking for support in accessing published literature, data, and other resources; some are simply wanting help building research networks. To provide Ukrainian open-air museums, experimental archaeologists and ancient craft experts with the support they desperately need, we need your help. So how can you help?