RETOLD: Audit on EXARC Reporting, first 2 years

In January 2023 our accountant who will do a final audit / reporting of the project (EXARC part) had a look at the first two project years. We wanted to be sure that the system is clear, that all the files can be found and are properly connected to the reporting form. In this way the work of the audit at the end of the project can be done faster, as he will only need to check the last two years and make a final report. We will only have two months to report the whole project back to the EU, and there is also a Christmas break in between.

The accountant's feedback was very useful, and we can for sure apply their comments and requests to the rest of the partners when explaining which documents are really needed, and how things are checked. What we know from previous EU projects is that they especially check the staff hours and how well everything is documented, so for example if the amount of hours booked in the timesheet correspond with the amount booked in the reporting file. Proper task descriptions, as well as proof of payments for each transaction has been a struggle for many, but is essential. Another thing is the period in which all needs to be paid and reported. Is there any room for important items which are brought before the project has started, like the domainname Unfortunately since we bought it a few months before starting of the project (as soon as we knew the project was allocated and we wanted to be sure we have a proper name) - that is not eligible. It was a very small amount, but it just shows how precise the work is done, about reporting.