#EAC13: The conference will be BIG!

The international Experimental Archaeology Conference #EAC13 will be a big feast! We have registered 60 presentations so far and we already have over 100 participants. This includes people from around the world who will join the online part (free to access), but we also have many people traveling to Toruń in Poland to be part of the live conference. It all takes place 1-3 May and includes several very interesting excursions.

The conference is co-organised between EXARC and the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Especially for this, our colleagues in Toruń are producing a film about experimental archaeology in Poland. This will for many people be an eye-opener. It is all about networking! Therefore, a special session will be about the SUN, the Support Ukraine Network. We will discuss live with Ukraine colleagues how to include them in the worldwide network of experimental archaeology. So it will be BIG! It will be about fire, Viking ships, battle axes, but also about how to perform good experiments. Speakers come from Europe, South and North America, India, and several other regions in the world.

You want a teaser? Check the abstracts here:
You are so welcome to join us! For registration, check: