Who will put Life in Late Neolithic Houses?

We are in the midst of a large project, where a dozen specialists from all directions are putting life into Stone Age houses. Who are they? We interviewed a large part of this team, coordinated by Leiden University and asked them about themselves and their role in the project. The group includes of course archaeologists of all types, but also a museum director, an artist, and several other professionals. Who can you spot? They talk about their favourite task in the project and of course the famous question about what they want to get out of the project in the end?

Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses is funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO (AIB.19.020).

Meet Annelou van Gijn, Dennis Braekmans, Leo Wolterbeek, Lasse van den Dikkenberg, Kelvin Wilson, Annemieke Verbaas, and Jeroen ter Brugge. We will chase down the rest of the team in the near future!

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