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A challenge to all archaeologists

At the EAA conference in Glasgow, a group presentation got some rather heated discussion going. Particpants decided to maintain the momentum by founding ArchaeologistsEngage and launching a campaign. The campaign is a world-wide challenge to promote improved communication between archaeology professionals and the public.

10th International Symposium on Knappable Materials Barcelona 2015

Experimental flint knapping
Session organizers: Javier Baena & Martin Schmidt
Tuesday 8th September 2015
8 papers and 2 posters

Weblinks needed for open-air museums

EXARC (in cooperation with OpenArch) is preparing a little guide for archaeological open-air museums. It will explain what this category of museums can learn from the international museum world and where to find this help.We are 350 in Europe and maybe 1,000 worldwide and need contact with museum professionals.

Help need to build 5 new roundhouses

Celtic Harmony will be building 5 roundhouses this winter, anyone wants to help?

Celtic Harmony offers a unique learning space with Iron Age roundhouses, native breeds, herb garden and working woodland for school children, community groups and families to learn about ancient Britain.

EXARC Director Paardekooper wins Museum Horizon Award 2015

The Museum Horizon Award, in existence since 2009, is awarded by Museum Horizon, the Hans Manneby Memorial Fund for Museum Development. The price is for persons who contribute in an innovative manner to the developing and changing role of museums in contemporary society, local as well as global. The prize ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 27 at 12.00, Gothenburg Book Fair.

2015-3 EXARC Journal published

With Summer ending and a bit later than planned EXARC published its third online Journal this year. We prepared 8 articles this time, of which 2 are open access. Other 6 are peer-reviewed and cover four different areas. They are for Members Only and will become open to the public in two years.

Wanted: fresh Editors for the EXARC Journal

EXARC publishes dozens of articles annually on archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology and more. We publish online at as well as on paper for the EXARC members. Our authors come from every corner of the world and some need help with their English (we publish in English only), others need editing on content.

Gaul Feast: (BE) in search of Craftspeople and exhibitors

The Gallische Goeve is looking for exhibitors and craftsmen for their annual event (Sunday 3 July 2016) in their archaeological open-air museum in Belgium. Are you or your group practising Living History of the Antiquities and you'd like to participate?

Park in the Past (WLS) purchased quarry

Park in The Past Community Interest Company is delighted to be able to formally announce that we have now completed the purchase of the former quarry at Fagl Lane in Hope, Flintshire. The site will need to remain closed to the general public for the present, as we carry out the work necessary to make the venue safe and accessible for visitors...

ICOM June Meeting in Paris

The June meetings in Paris, by ICOM, are legendary. Each country sends a delegation, each international committee and many affiliated organisations too are present. This year, EXARC had the luck that our Treasurer, also Chair of ICOM Netherlands, attended the meetings and represented EXARC.


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