Digitising a Medieval Village, how Cool is That?

In Berlin, in the Museum Village Düppel, exciting steps are taken. Their village and the surroundings are based on excavation results of a real medieval settlement from around 1200 AD. Can Düppel be digitized? They want to create a digital museum village which can be used in virtual- and augmented reality for education. We can also use digital models to show alternative interpretations of house reconstruction as well as engaging new visitor groups with cultural heritage through virtual and augmented realities.

Results of the Project virt:düppel now on Sketchfab!

#EAC13: Support our special guests from Ukraine

EXARCs largest event of the year will be in Poland in May: the #EAC13 international conference on experimental archaeology.

And we will have some very special guests! A delegation from Ukraine will join us for a live dialogue on how to strengthen the experimental archaeology cooperation between Ukraine and the rest of the world. Keeping culture alive, and keeping the network going is essential. Please support the network we build up with Ukraine colleagues. 

Podcast: Flake it 'til you make it

In this February episode of Finally Friday we're talking all about flint! This material is one of the most commonly found throughout prehistory, and so this month Matilda chatted about flint and flint-knapping with two experts from our EXARC community, Morten Kutschera and Prof. Javier Baena Preysler. What are the implications of different ways to learn and teach flint-knapping? How much do flint tools change throughout human history, and why? Can you knap flint with a pen? To find out the answers to these questions and more, make sure to tune in to this month's episode!