Podcast: Seen Through Glass

From drinking vessels to jewellery, glass is found in archaeological assemblages all over the world. Our guests Sue Heaser and Frank Wiesenberg join us on this month’s episode of Finally Friday to shed light on how experimental archaeology can help us ask new questions of this important material. 

Sue Heaser is an archaeologist, artist and author with specialisms in hot glass beadmaking. Her experience in both modern and archaeological jewellery making often gives Sue a unique insight into how ancient materials were used and her current research focusses on reconstructing and understanding Anglo-Saxon and Roman British bead assemblages in the UK. More recently, this research has moved towards considering how glass’ physical properties can be affected during the glass working process.

Frank Wiesenberg is a specialist in Roman glass furnace reconstruction and operation. These reconstructions are based on both literary and archaeological source material, as well as a practical knowledge informed by a background in mechanical engineering. He has experimented with both large and small furnaces and has set up replica workshops at a number of places including the Archaeological Park Roman Villa Borg. Frank finished his master’s degree in Archaeology of the Roman Provinces in 2019 and is now currently the executive director of the Römerwelt Museum near Bonn, Germany. 

Phoebe Baker is the host of this show.