"Eat like a Human" by Bill Schindler

After years of research inspired by personal experience and “today’s health problems in the modern world” (, Dr. Bill Schindler published his book Eat like a Human this week.

The former EXARC chair (2016-2018) explains how to optimise your health and vitality by following our ancestors’ dietary choices and cooking techniques. Bill “draws on cutting-edge science and a lifetime of research to explain how safety, nutrient density and bioavailability are the cornerstones of a healthy diet.” (see for more information). His passion for the past and a little nudge from his wife Christina led him to the realisation that the question for the research should not be “what should we be eating, but rather HOW?”

The book includes 75 recipes to “nourishing foods and ancient ways of cooking to revolutionize your health.” Each chapter is looking into different food groups and gives in-depth explanations “to make food as safe, nutritious, bioavailable and delicious as possible.” Check this link to order an autographed copy of the book.