Saving the Planet – one Step at a Time

EXARC is committed to a sustainable future! We want to inspire others to look at what they are currently doing, what can be changed quickly and what might take a little while longer to achieve. Making our world more sustainable should not be a pressured competition but a common goal to learn from each other, teach each other and be open to new ideas. 

Archaeological open-air museums are perfect places for implementing sustainability in the running of the museum itself but also for using past lessons to educate the public on how to achieve a more sustainable future. The Covid pandemic pushed us further in this direction, but you already showed us that this is the way forward to be inclusive.

In preparation of our conference on sustainability in AOAMs, we would like to ask for your ideas and practices, by looking at the resources you use, which projects you are involved in and how to share these with others. Think of switching to ecological cleaning products or illustrating the importance of native flowering plants for insects for visitors or ways to be more inclusive. 

Please send one example of what you are doing already to We will then pick some of your great ideas for the start of our collection of knowledge on sustainability to add to