RETOLD: Update on the progress

With the first year behind us we look at the progress made within RETOLD project. Every partner has their own tasks to complete within the project.

The Museumsdorf Düppel has been looking into the survey and questionnaire of houses for the documentation app. Which questions are relevant, which aren’t? What do we want to document and how? These questionnaires will be the foundation of the information implemented in the app. You can get an insight into Julia’s work in their recent Youtube video on @dueppel_ev 

Nüwa has researched the digital side of the app. User research is key here: to find the right product for us, whether a pre-existing app or one we need to develop one ourselves, it is important to know what we want the app to record, who is going to use it and how it will be maintained during and after the project.

The Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen is working on vlogging and creating stories. On the one hand, this gives an insight to the visitors about life in the Stone Age with the examples of hunter Werner and farmer Basti; and on the other hand, it allows for experimental archaeology to be recorded and documented for future studies. You can get more information on their YouTube channel: Steinzeitpark Ditmarschen.

UAB team have been looking at a digital solution for the visitors of open-air museums. The data that is collected through the museum archives should be translated into stories that are interesting to visitors. This side of the app is meant to provide additional information for guests of the open-air museums that can be accessed before and after the visit.

The Complexul National Muzeal Astra is helping to develop the questionnaire and survey for crafts as well as looking into those questions that could be relevant for ethnographical museums. With the documentation app, we want to bring together the different types of museums and be inclusive in the questions and way crafts, collections and houses are documented.

EXARC as lead partner is taking part that we move as planned, and all the reporting is done in time. We also make sure that the communication about the project is done as required by the EU. Helping when needed, we keep pushing forward.