Join us in the European Archaeology Days 2022

The European Archaeology Days are back on the 17, 18 and 19 June 2022! This is a long weekend of festivities, engaging the public in the discovery of archaeology and cultural heritage throughout Europe. All EXARC members can join with their activities, get extra media coverage and be part of a Europe-wide event of Archaeology & Public.

The EAD is a long weekend dedicated to archaeology in all its forms. We raise awareness and familiarise European audiences with all aspects of archaeology. A variety of events will be organised, aiming at engaging families, schools, students, history enthusiasts, museum visitors, as well as merely curious participants to discover this multifaceted discipline and their archaeological heritage. Despite the challenging times that Europe is going through on several levels there are still things that bring us together. Looking for a common ground, for cohesion and reciprocity, while all members preserve their cultural identity and diversity, the European Archaeology Days aim at sharing archaeological heritage throughout Europe and make culture accessible to all.

Registrations opens on 14 February 2022. More information at