EXARC online in 2021

EXARC has had an active 2021 on the internet. Website visits to grew 8% to almost 200,000 users. Over 1/3rd of our visitors came from the United States. We had over 180,000 pageviews for the EXARC Journal only. People were also very interested in our online meetings and the FAQ asked in open-air museums. There was less attention than usual for the event calendar and the presentations of the members themselves. 

As for EXARCs social media, we were particularly more successful on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Overall, we have over 42,500 subscribers on our Social Media of which 27,750 on Facebook. The number of subscribers on YouTube grew with about 1,000 and we had 60,000 views in 2022. That is over three times as much as in 2020. Most of this can be attributed to the EAC online conference which reached 30,000 views during the conference days alone. On Instagram we post more than twice per day, resulting in about 2,750 followers. At Twitter, we have over 4,000 followers. 

We thank our Social Media and website volunteers who consistently shared news about EXARC and its members. They helped us reach these good results. But above all we thank our readers and listeners!