Become a Sponsor

We’re looking for sponsors for the sustainability conference at Butser Ancient Farm in May 2022

We’re aiming to organise the upcoming conference in May 2022 at Butser Ancient Farm as a hybrid event. While some talks and workshops will take place on-site to celebrate the 50th birthday of Butser, another part will be broadcast online as open access.

To be able to keep the rate for both participants and speakers low, we need sponsors who support the idea. Each contribution makes it possible to broadcast presentations and therefore also includes those who would otherwise not be able to participate (open access). This is what EXARC stands for, sharing information freely and openly.

Anybody can sponsor the conference at 250 EUR per hour. You can sponsor your museum/institution/organisation, or you can consider sponsoring someone else.

For more information on sponsorship for the conference, please have a look on our website here.

If you like to sponsor the “A sustainable revolution for open-air museums at Butser Ancient Farm” conference, please contact us at