2022 May: A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums - Sponsors

Become a Sponsor

The EXARC session during the ICOM General Conference in Prague is a hybrid event.

We need sponsors who support the idea of broadcasting open access for 3 to 6 hours. With your help, we can include those who would otherwise not be able to. We will broadcast 1.5 hours through the ICOM conference channels (for conference participants only) and a longer version through the EXARC channels (open access). 

Organising such a initiative costs a lot of time and energy. If we get enough sponsoring, we are also able to pay our volunteers during the conference and support EXARC as an organisation. Sponsors can pay per hour broadcasting.

Anybody can sponsor the session at 250 EUR per hour.


So, with your sponsorship,

  1. you support the event and the idea of accessibility within a network of experimental archaeologists and open-air museums
  2. you will get a place in our social media campaign in which we advertise the sponsors.
  3. you will get 10min to broadcast information about yourself. This could be the recruitment of courses (universities), experiments you’ve been doing or anything else relevant. Preferably, these broadcasts should be pre-recorded.
  4. you get to moderate your hour of broadcasting. You will be live on our interactive server, helping with the Q&A session after each presentation.
  5. you get to select from the accepted abstracts which ones will fill the other 50min of the broadcasting hour.

Anybody can sponsor the conference at 250 EUR per hour. You can sponsor your museum/institution/organisation, or you can consider sponsoring someone else.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the “A sustainable revolution for open-air museums” during the ICOM General Conference in August, please contact us at info@exarc.net