EXARC Journal 2021/4 online

The EXARC Journal 2021/4 was published in November and contains 13 reviewed and 4 unreviewed articles. As always, all articles are open access.

Four of the reviewed articles have been presented at the EAC 12 World Tour this year and are now available in the journal. Dzwiza looks at Ancient Technologies in Contexts of the Sustainable Development Goals, Palmer investigates the weaving of an Ancient Greek chlamys; Durante, Stellacci, Pellegrini, de Angelis and Scacchetti evaluate the production and possible uses of deer antler tools in Italy and Ertl and Yoshida look at the Approaches to Experimental Pit House Reconstructions in the Japanese Central Highlands...

Become a Sponsor

We’re looking for sponsors for the sustainability conference at Butser Ancient Farm in May 2022

We’re aiming to organise the upcoming conference in May 2022 at Butser Ancient Farm as a hybrid event. While some talks and workshops will take place on-site to celebrate the 50th birthday of Butser, another part will be broadcast online as open access.

To be able to keep the rate for both participants and speakers low, we need sponsors who support the idea. Each contribution makes it possible to broadcast presentations and therefore also includes those who would otherwise not be able to participate (open access)...

"Eat like a Human" by Bill Schindler

After years of research inspired by personal experience and “today’s health problems in the modern world” (, Dr. Bill Schindler published his book Eat like a Human this week.

The former EXARC chair (2016-2018) explains how to optimise your health and vitality by following our ancestors’ dietary choices and cooking techniques. Bill “draws on cutting-edge science and a lifetime of research to explain how safety, nutrient density and bioavailability are the cornerstones of a healthy diet.” ...