EXARC Journal Digest 2019 Issue 2 sent to printer

With the increasing success of the EXARC Journal, we now receive more manuscripts than ever before, and will have published over 80 international articles in 2019. 
For the Digest Issue 2 of 2019 we could choose only 14 articles from the 39 submitted manuscripts. These include an overview of the education system in India on archaeology as well as a review from a South Korean Stone Age Festival, were several EXARC members were present. Three articles, based on dissertations from the UK and Ireland, cover a choice of experiments in Europe. Further to that, two Archaeological Open-Air Museums describe their daily work with volunteers and different themes, both presented at the EXARC conference in Kernave (LT) in 2018....

Sintashta Bow – EXARC Twinning Tour in Russia

Ivan Semyan (RU) and Spyros Bakas (GR), both EXARC Individual Members, are reconstructing the Sintashta Bronze Age bow and arrow and do shooting trials with these. This is a twinning project, cofounded by EXARC. A tour through Russia took place in October to present the project

On October 5, the presentation took place in Moscow at the State Historical Museum on the Red Square. Ivan and Spyros spoke about the implementation of the project to fellow archaeologists, masters of ancient technologies and guests of the event. The project team showed a photo of the antler parts of an ancient bow, made by Russian master Klim Abramov as well as the process of making the bow body by Greek master Joannis Boukogiannis. The event attracted the attention of many media, bloggers and famous people...

CRAFTER Movie screened at Film Galas

The documentary "In Their Hands. Reshaping pottery of the European Bronze Age" is currently screened at the CRAFTER exhibitions in Spain, Germany, Serbia & Hungary. “In Their Hands” is a four-chapter documentary related with the CRAFTER EU Project. The documentary will be screened at the University Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB) Cinema Hall on 13 November with a conference given by Marcello Peres and Carlos Velasco. We are proud that it is selected to participate in the XIX International Festival of Archaeological Cinema of Bidasoa (FICAB), which will be held in Irún (Spain) between November 18-23 2019. It will also feature at the Firenze Archeofilm, March 11-15 2020, and in the Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico di Rovereto (Italy) scheduled next October 2020.