Help, I can't login!

Many of you may have already noticed that it is no longer possible to log in to your member account through the EXARC website. In our newsletters (2023/09 and 2023/11) we explained that email addresses had been removed from members' pages due to phishing concerns (see, and it is for similar security reasons that we have decided to disable login abilities for all of our members.

One of the first things planned by our new director Matilda Siebrecht is to update the website, especially by making it easier to navigate. Although we still wish to showcase the range of our network and the different research focuses and specialisms of our members,it is currently undecided whether this new website will include the ability for members to login and edit their profile themselves, or whether a new system will be put into place. Once these details have been finalised, we will of course be sure to let you know!

For now, if you would like to edit your profile in any way, please email with the details of any changes that should be applied, and we will make sure to update it for you.