ACTION! Museums in the Climate Crisis

The NEMO European Museum Conference 2023: and… ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis took place in Lahti, Finland from 19-21 November. Almost 300 museum professionals from all over Europe took part, listening, discussing, and being inspired by a variety of formats and speakers. EXARC's Vice-Chair, Dr Julia Heeb from Stadtmuseum Berlin, was present. 

The strong will of the museum sector to move forward and to become more sustainable is reflected in a clear message from the directors of the National Museum Organisations in Europe at the conference: “Our ethical and professional priority is to work with our communities for the future sustainability of the planet. Museums have a critical role to play in environmental sustainability and imagining our possible futures. Our commitment is that we will use our diverse collections and the stories that they hold to inspire people and facilitate change. We realise that it is no longer possible to preserve all heritage and collections in their current conditions. We are committed to re-evaluating our collections in terms of their social, historical, environmental, and educational impact.”