International Museums Day 2024

On May 18th 2024 it's International Museum Day!

Did you know that we have just over 100 museums within our EXARC member network? Together they welcome over 4 million visitors a year with exhibitions and programs including experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation of all kinds. This year’s IMD theme - “Museums for Education and Research” - underscores the pivotal role of cultural institutions in providing a holistic educational experience. This day pushes for a more conscious, sustainable and inclusive world, and we are so proud of al of our members for contributing to that world. 

SUN: Live discussion on education

The Support Ukraine Network (SUN) will be hosting their second online discussion session of 2024, this time focusing on the theme of education. We invite representatives of educational institutions, museum educators, or anyone working in the intersection of education and cultural heritage who wants to share their knowledge and experience. The goal of the session is to contribute to the integration of professional environments, establishment of contacts, partnerships, acquaintances between international and Ukrainian colleagues.