Podcast: Raising Hair

A universal experience, hair has often formed a fundamental part of human self-expression and identity. But how can we see changes in hairdressing and styling throughout history and how can experimental reconstruction help us start creating a picture of the people of the past? Our guests Janet Stephens and Dorothee Olthof join us on this month’s Finally Friday to discuss their experiences understanding ancient hairdressing. 

Phoebe Baker is the host of this show.

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Stone Age Farmer Basti is hungry

Short bits of film, especially vlogging, is increasingly popular. Open-air museums can use this very well to engage their audience, but it works just as well for experimental archaeologists and other people who reconstruct items or do living history. In our European cooperation project RETOLD, vlogging has a special place for documenting and sharing stories of our museums.

The Steinzeit Park Dithmarschen (Germany), one of the partners in the RETOLD project, creates little videos about life in the Stone Age. This particular one is about the farmer Basti who is working in an antechamber of one of the houses when he realises, he’s hungry. He starts making flour by ...