Now Online: the Butser Ancient Farm Archive 1973-2007

EXARC is excited to present a new addition to the EXARC Experimental Archaeology Collection, Butser Ancient Farm Archive 1973-2007. This collection complements the Butser Ancient Farm Archive 1973-2007 ( by preserving publications by Dr. Peter Reynolds, founding Director of Butser Ancient Farm.

Butser Ancient Farm was founded in 1973 as a place to conduct research into Prehistoric & Roman Agriculture and Building Techniques through experimentation. Christine Shaw, who oversees the archive, generously contributed these materials to the EXARC collection. EXARC thanks her for her dedication to preserving the Butser Ancient Farm Archive...

Stavgard: Learning through Living History

People are different. It is something that we have all experienced while growing up and being taught in school; some children are better at math and some are better language, some are athletic, and some are good at crafting. Besides having different areas of skills that we excel in, we also have different ways in which we learn the best.

History, in particular, might be a difficult subject for many children as they “just read” about something that happened a long time ago. Stavgard is an open-air museum in Gotland, Sweden, that invites school classes to learn about history in a different way...

Join EXARCs Citizen Science Project

EXARC is excited to share that we are planning our first citizen science project. This challenges community interest in open-air museums and the quality experiences for communities and families around museum locations, most of which are in suburban areas and small towns. We hope the project will build strong community interests in open-air museums. 

EXARC is now looking for partners (members and non-members) to help develop the project or join the group.