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Work on website started

We are doing a complete overhaul of our website, it will take all together several months. This may cause some smaller problems over the coming period. Some links might be temporarily broken or you may see text and images which belong elsewhere. We apologise for this slight inconvenience but it is our aim to keep the website up and running for the full period we are working on it. We hope you will be happy with the results.

Session: Archaeology and Experiment: Moving beyond the Artifacts

The 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies takes place in Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 11-14 2017 and is hosted by the Medieval Institute, College of Arts and Sciences, Western Michigan University. EXARC sponsors a session on Thursday, May 11 7:30-9:00 pm, organised and presided by Neil Peterson, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation – EXARC Fellowship

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation – EXARC Fellowship is intended to advance the investigation and interpretation of archaeological and experimental archaeological heritage by supporting research and scholarship through a partnership between EXARC, the international organization of Archaeological Open-Air Museums (AOAM) and Experimental Archaeology, and the Colonial Williamsburg, America’s largest outdoor living history museum...

EAC10 Leiden

With 120 participants from 24 countries, we had a great time at the 10th international Conference on Experimental Archaeology #EAC10. This was the first time this conference was on the continent, in Leiden, the Netherlands, to be precise.

NEMO Publication: Money matters, the Economic Value of Museums

November 2016, the network of European Museum Organisations, NEMO, held a conference in Karlsruhe (DE). The publication of this conference has now been published as an open access download.

EXARC Digest 2017 issue 1 sent to the printer

A bit earlier than normally, due to EAC10 coming to Leiden in the second part of April, we prepared our printed Journal. It will be available at the conference, and sent to our members at the end of April. The spring 2017 Digest offers a choice of articles from EXARC Journal issues 2016/4 and 2017/1. One of the articles is The Gislinge Boat Open Source Project: An Old Boat and a New Idea...

Fellowship Writing Prize 2017

York has had great success with Marie Curie applications and there is a current financial award system for people wanting to apply for a Marie Curie to come to York for a day or two to work on their application with relevant staff.

The EXARC Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

The AGM takes place on Friday 21 April, starting at 17:00h in the van Steenisbuilding, Faculty of Archaeology, University Leiden (NL). All EXARC members are cordially invited. Besides the usual points like discussion of the past year, agreeing on the report and showing our ideas for 2017, there are two points of special attention...

Marie Curie Fellowship - Cardiff - call for applicants

Cardiff University is currently inviting expressions of interest from potential postdoctoral researchers with an excellent track record for Marie Skłodowska Curie Action (MSCA) fellowships.

The next call for applications closes on 14 September 2017. Expressions of interest are required by 7 April 2017.

EXARC Folders 2017

We have new folders again! We thank the members whose photos or quotes we could use. Members who wish to receive flyers to share with colleagues and stakeholders can contact us. Of course we will have them available at the EAC10 conference in April where you can pick them up. You can find a PDF here.
We are in the process of creating more PR materials, like banners, bags and note books. They will be available at our EAC10 conference.


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