We lost a Good Friend Today

A longtime friend, colleague and EXARC volunteer, Sylvia Crumbach, died on July 17 in Duisburg (DE).

Her extensive experience in a host of museum-related subjects meant that she had a positive contribution in many fields, a well-informed opinion leading to structural improvements. 

She would assist in many things and prove the most reliable colleague one could dream of; when things would get difficult, she would be motivated to deliver. Sylvia felt comfortable at all levels: a discussion with the mayor or professor would be just as easy-going as feeding the animals: she would do what it takes. 

In their Hands, reshaping Pottery of the European Bronze Age

The official CRAFTER trailer for CRAFTER is out now. The trailer was made in La Bastida (ES), one of the most important archaeological sites of the early European Bronze Age. The complete documentary shows more pottery locations in Spain, Germany, Serbia and Hungary. Its premiere and exhibition is scheduled for autumn 2019, accompanying an exhibition that will include Bronze Age inspired ceramics as produced about 4000 years ago. Both the documentary and exhibition illustrate the connection between craftsmanship and archaeology, revealing unsuspected and exciting relationships between experience, knowledge, skill, science and culture.


Carare, how we can go Digital

CARARE is a European network on digital archaeological and architectural heritage. They cooperate closely with Europeana, the EU digital platform for cultural heritage. On June 28, the CARARE group ( met for a one-day workshop in Amersfoort (NL). The program consisted of nine presentations and was attended by about 50 people from all over Europe. 

Mr Alkemade presented his ideas how we can take inspiration from the past to tackle problems of the present, notably climate change. He used Holland as example, showing how the network of rives and channels was much more dese in the 17th century – and we would need that again today.