RETOLD: Development and evaluation of the RETOLD app

RETOLD: Development and evaluation of the RETOLD app

As we steer towards the completion of RETOLD, the development and evaluation of the RETOLD app have provided significant strategic wisdom.

The application has enhanced our understanding of the current technological landscape and readiness levels as well as the specific needs of the open-air museum sector. It will drive future post-RETOLD digital initiatives that contribute to innovation and creativity in the field of cultural heritage and promote innovative spillovers on other sectors.

The feedback has highlighted areas for improvement, serving as a valuable foundation for the future. The last months’ iterative process were essential for RETOLD’s successful learning and achievements towards improving capacity by developing new skills for cultural heritage professionals and promoting innovative approaches to the sector.

The insights gained and documented will support future funding applications, demonstrating the consortium’s partners’ commitment to technological advancement and innovation for strengthening the capacity of the European cultural heritage to operate transnationally and internationally.

The development and evaluation of RETOLD’s so called minimum viable product (MVP) has been a crucial learning experience to achieve our core objectives under the RETOLD project. The app has significantly contributed to our understanding of the technology readiness levels for future digital projects. Today, we are well-positioned to achieve the objectives assigned under the RETOLD cooperation project and map new opportunities that will benefit the open-air museum ecosystem and all partners.

Moving forward, we will leverage these insights to provide strong recommendations on digital strategies, secure further funding, and continue the open-air museum’s journey towards comprehensive digitalisation tools and solutions. The RETOLD app has been a valuable means to RETOLD’s end, and the knowledge gained will propel us toward achieving our long-term broader objectives.