AGM 2024

Peter Inker, EXARC Chair, announced the Online Annual General Meeting on April 15th 2024, sending notes and documents to all EXARC members explaining the AGM would start 3 weeks later on May 6th 2024. 

Members of EXARC were requested to send their comments and questions, as well as any applications for board candidates, before April 29th 2024. The replies were noted and suggested decisions were put up for voting in an email to all members, dated May 6th. 

On May 14th, an updated email was sent to members following the identification of an error in the suggested decisions. 

The deadline to vote was extended by an additional week to allow for this error, so members were invited to vote until May 27th 2024. 22 Members voted in total. The full process and consequent decisions of these votes is reported in the following minutes (link below).