We're looking for you!

Have you been following the exploits and pursuits of EXARC and thinking that maybe you might want to be more involved? Not just as a member, but as part of the running of EXARC itself? Then why not join our team of volunteers?

EXARC is an international network with predominantly virtual connections, and so we are not limited to any geographic location, and many of our volunteers are not themselves EXARC members, and even work outside the sphere of archaeology completely. We have several teams involved in particular outputs, such as the EXARC Journal, The EXARC Show podcast, and our social media platforms, as well as several other groups involved with our European Projects, the European Archaeology Days, our Discord community server, and much more! If this is something that sounds interesting to you, then feel free to contact us via

We are also currently looking for the specific roles of Journal Reviewer and Social Media Reels Creator. Check out the links below for more information!