Archaeological Science Working Group Launched

Archaeological Science Working Group

Thank you to everyone who joined the launch event for our new archaeological science working group. It was great to meet everyone, and discuss what kinds of research are currently being worked on.

It was agreed by those who joined today that one of the main aims in joining this working group is to expand research networks but also learn more about the field of archaeological science in relation to experimental archaeology / living history. To that end, the following suggestions were made and will be developed further:

  • Presentations (either live or pre-recorded) on a range of different topics related to archaeological science. These can be from members or non-members, and done in collaboration with others or independently
  • In order to share the discussions sparked by those presentations with those who aren't on Discord, it was suggested to have some kind of external recording that can be shared outside the server, for example a podcast, or a blog, or a newsletter.
  • The general aim is to try and make academic research more accessible and create a kind of research community, especially for those who do not have institutional affiliations or are not part of research groups.

If you are interested in joining the working group, and interacting with other like-minded individuals, head over to the EXARC Discord Server (link below). We will also be creating mailing lists for each working group - if you would like to be included, please email with your name, email address, and the working groups you would like to be added to.