RETOLD: Things go fast!

Retold is in its final year, and yes, things go fast! While our colleagues in Spain are crunching code for the app, some of us went to Northern Germany to the Stone Age Park in Albersdorf, just before their tourist season started (March 2024). It was great to spend a few days with the museum's webmaster, the Social Media coordinator, the young volunteers as well as the Neolithic Farmer. Unfortunately, the Mesolithic Gatherer was still travelling, as they usually do...

There is still a whole lot to do for Retold, and this open-air museum offers the perfect environment to record some video and take zillions of pictures. For the 3D house models, you indeed need tons of photos, but what about the roof? Here comes the drone! We flew in (ok, they arrived by train...) some colleagues from Berlin who were very good at, say, interviewing the museum director, Dr Ruediger Kelm, about why his museum is part of this digitisation project? One reason may be higher visibility, but see for yourself when we soon publish his story. We also filmed behind the scenes of the Stone Age Park, down in their archives, so we can later show other museums how to prepare your stories for inclusion in the online platform. 

We know we are running a bit late with the Retold work, but we sure made a lot of progress these days in Northern Germany.