New EXARC Logo Competition 2024

logo competition 2024

If you have been following our newsletters and the AGM announcement, you will be aware that we are currently designing a new website for EXARC. As well as a shiny new online presence, we will also be updating the EXARC logo, and we want your help in doing it! 

For that reason, we are holding a competition (for both members and non-members) to design a brand new EXARC logo. The winning design will become the new official EXARC logo, so will be incorporated into all digital platforms and physical materials. In addition, the winning artist will receive one year free EXARC membership. 



  • To ensure that EXARC remains recognisable to those already familiar with us, the current logo should be incorporated into the new design in some way (see example of the current logo in the header).
  • The new design should attempt to represent all aspects of EXARC:
    1. The practical and scientific replication of objects, processes, and activities through experimental archaeology, and the investigation of ancient and traditional technologies
    2. The communication of the past through interpretation and education in ways such as living history, and the physical representation of past structures in archaeological open-air museums.
  • The design must be of a standard that can represent an international organisation such as EXARC.
  • The design must be unique to EXARC.
  • The design needs to be compatible across a variety of scales and formats. (Initial submission must be uploadable below, and the winner will be asked to provide full-size / vector-based versions)
  • Submissions must include a signed Legal Statement (please download and re-upload a signed version in the form below).

Deadlines and process

15th July 2024: Submission deadline.

16th July 2024: Voting opens. Those submissions fulfilling the requirements stated above will be made available to be (anonymously) voted on by our EXARC members.

31st July 2024: Voting closes. The top three submissions will be presented to the board, who will decide on the winning design. The board reserves the right to not use any of the submissions if they feel they do not accurately represent EXARC, and to modify any chosen design for reasons of clarity.

31st August 2024: The winner will be contacted, and asked to provide full-size / vector-based versions of the logo design for use in the new website and other materials.

11th September 2024: The winning design will be publicly announced during the EXARC conference in Batavialand (Lelystad, The Netherlands) in September.


We look forward to receiving your submission through the form (link below) by July 15th!